Elevate your living experience with our contemporary 4-bedroom bungalow—an architectural masterpiece that seamlessly blends style and functionality. Discover the epitome of modern luxury on a 450 sqm canvas, featuring a spacious 210 sqm design.

From the inviting ante room to the gourmet-ready kitchen, every detail exudes sophistication. Indulge in the comfort of all 4 bedrooms, each ensuite with bespoke individual wardrobes. Welcome to a home where elegance meets convenience.”

Design Description:

Introducing our thoughtfully crafted, SB 2372, a 4-bedroom contemporary bungalow, a testament to refined living. Set upon a sprawling 450 sqm plot, the 210 sqm residence boasts a meticulously designed layout. The journey begins in the welcoming ante room, leading seamlessly to a sophisticated lounge and dining area.

The adjacent kitchen, a culinary haven, ensures a fluid transition between spaces. Privacy meets indulgence in the 4 ensuite bedrooms, each adorned with individual wardrobes, offering a personalized retreat for every member of the household. This architectural gem combines aesthetic appeal with practicality, promising a lifestyle of unparalleled comfort and modern elegance.”

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